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Do I need a referral?

NO. You do not require a referral to book an assessment and are welcome to book your own appointment using the “Book Appointment” tab at the top-right of the screen.

What is the cost of assessment and is it covered by Alberta Health?

The cost for a comprehensive assessment is $600 and includes all available testing. It is NOT covered by Alberta Health but many 3rd party insurers/benefits providers will reimburse you for our services. If you are inquiring with your insurance provider about coverage you can let them know that you are seeking a comprehensive vestibular assessment from a licensed/registered audiologist. We do not direct-bill insurance companies. 

What is the cost of treatment?

Treatment recommendations depend largely upon what is found during the assessment and can vary significantly. One common recommendation is vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT). If VRT is recommended, we typically give you an initial set of home exercises as part of your comprehensive assessment. Subsequent VRT sessions are $150 each. Our goal is to make your treatment as home-based as possible so you don’t require repeated in-clinic visits, and most people only require 1-3 follow-up sessions. If it seems you would benefit from more frequent and intensive VRT performed in-clinic, we generally refer to excellent vestibular physiotherapists with whom we work regularly. 

I am a healthcare provider and would like to refer a patient – How can I do that?

Thank you very much for your referral. You can use the “Referrals” tab at the top of the screen, or send a fax to 587-962-5787