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Comprehensive Assessment

Due to the incredible complexity of the vestibular system, and the fact that dizziness, vertigo, and imbalance symptoms can arise from so many different components of that system (as well as others), a comprehensive assessment is the most common and appropriate type of appointment to book in most cases. It includes any/all available testing that we have at our disposal, and provides the best possible chance of definitively determining the root cause(s) of your symptoms, which ultimately allows us to make the most appropriate and effective treatment recommendations, or identify the need for any other referrals. A comprehensive assessment is effectively an “Initial Consult” plus all additional “Individual/Stand-Alone Tests” combined into a single appoinment. 

Appointment length and type: 180min (3hrs); in-clinic

Cost: $895

Initial Consult

We understand that a 3hr comprehensive assessment costing $895 may seem a bit daunting. While the full test battery is often truly required to definitively identify your exact problem(s), there are circumstances where after a thorough history review and careful completion of certain bedside screening tests, a very good general impression can be established without completing any advanced diagnostic testing. Sometimes that may be enough to make specific treatment recommendations, or it may identify the need for further testing. If further testing is required, the information gathered from an initial consult may suggest that only certain additional tests are needed, but not others. If this is the case, we can book a follow-up appointment to perform specific tests in isolation at a cost that is proportionate to the amount of time it takes to complete only those specific tests (i.e. less than a full comprehensive assessment). Depending what additional testing is determined to be necessary following an initial consult, your overall cost may end up being the same as a comprehensive assessment. However, even if you end up requiring the full test battery, your overall cost for both the initial consult and subsequent testing will not exceed $900. An initial in-clinic consult also includes hearing screeening and BPPV assessment with repositioning maneuvers, if required. 

Appointment length and type: 60min; in-clinic

Cost: $300

Individual/Stand-Alone Tests

Individual tests cannot be booked in isolation without first having had an initial consult. In some cases they can also be booked if they have been ordered by a specialist such as an ENT, neurologist, or audiologist, but they cannot be booked online. The appointment lengths and costs listed below are for reference, and are associated with booking stand-alone appointments for each individual test. If, after having had an initial consult, it is determined that you require ALL additional testing, they will not be charged individually. Rather, they can all be performed in a single follow-up appointment for a cost of $600.  

Video Nystagmography (VNG) – Full protocol, inlcuding calorics, if necessary.  Length: 60min; Type: in-clinic; Cost: $300

Video Head Impulse Testing (vHIT). Length: 30min; Type: in-clinic; Cost: $150

Vestibular-Evoked Myogenic Potentials (VEMPs) – cervical AND ocular. Length: 60min; Type: in-clinic; Cost: $300

Auditory Brainstem Response Testing (ABR). Length: 45min; Type: in-clinic; Cost: $225

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) Assess & Treat

Please read the information in the BPPV Self-Assessment Tool by clicking the “Helpful Resources” tab at the top of the page before contacting us to book this particualr appointment. Please know that we would love to make this bookable online, however, we have unfortunately seen literally HUNDREDS of patients who have been improperly “diagnosed” with BPPV, so we have had to implement a screening process to avoid wasting your time with an inappropriate appointment that is not what you actually require. Having said that, we would absolutely love to see you for a BPPV Assess & Treat appointment if you do in fact have symptoms consistent with it, without additional “red flag” signs of something more than just BPPV. If you are still not sure whether or not your symptoms are consistent with BPPV after having read the information on the “Helpful Resources” page, it is likely best to book either a 15 minute virtual consult to speak directly with the audiologist, or a 60min in-clinic initial consult, which includes BPPV assessment and treatment, if present. 

Appointment length and type: 30min; in-clinic.

Cost: $150

Contact to book. Best method is to email or submit a request through the contact form on the “FAQs/Contact us” page. Please indicate that you have read the information in the BPPV Self-Assessment Tool and that your symptoms are consistent with BPPV. Although you cannot book a BPPV appointment online, you can still view available times by clicking any of the “Book Appointment” tabs on the website, let us know when you would like to come in, and someone will respond ASAP. 

Phone/Video Consult

If you’re still not sure what type of apointment to book, or just want to speak directly with the audiologist to discuss your specific case history and symptoms, and receive some personalized advice, you can book a 15 minute virtual consult that can be conducted over the phone or by video chat.

Appointment length and type: 15min; virtual/remote 

Cost: $50 

Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT)

VRT sessions at Alberta Balance Centre are individualized to your specific needs, and are based on an extensive diagnostic assessment to determine exactly what aspect(s) of your vestibular system requires rehabilitation. VRT is not just a universal handful of exercises that treat all problems equally. There are literally hundreds of different exercises that fall under the VRT umbrella, and specific problems require the appropriate selection of specific exercises. For that reason, prior assessement is required before booking a VRT session. Otherwise, we don’t actually know what it is we’re trying to treat! or what exercises might be most appropriate and effective. We have heard countless stories of people being told to “just go get some vestibular therapy” after reporting dizzy symtpoms to their primary care provider, without having had any sort of formal diagnostic assessment to determine if they even have a vestibular problem. And even if it is assumed that you do in fact have a vestibular problem, there are a multitude of different vestibular issues requiring different treatment approaches, so a detailed diagnostic assessment really is critical. VRT sessions can be booked once you have had an assessment at our clinic. If you’ve had a vestibular assessment somewhere else, we first need to speak with you to determine what testing was performed and if there is enough diagnostic information available for us to create a personalized VRT protocol for you. 

Appointment length and type: 30min; in-clinic

Cost: $150

Contact to book. Best method is to email or submit a request through the contact form on the “FAQs/Contact Us” page.