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Helping you get to the bottom of your balance, dizziness, and vertigo problems with timely access to advanced neurovestibular diagnostics and rehabilitation.

A Uniquely Specialized Calgary-Based Clinic

Alberta Balance Centre is a highly specialized private clinic offering timely access to advanced neurovestibular diagnostic testing and rehabilitation.

We help people who are experiencing any form of dizziness, vertigo, or imbalance get to the root cause of their symptoms and determine the most effective treatment path going forward. Whether you have been struggling to get answers about your dizzy symptoms for a long time, or have just recently started experiencing problems, the comprehensive assessment you receive at Alberta Balance Centre will provide valuable information that helps get you on the road to recovery as soon as possible.

We also specialize in the assessment of concussion/mTBI. From collecting valuable baseline data, to comprehensive post-concussion testing and ongoing objective monitoring, we use the latest evidence-based research and technology to help you make safe and appropriate return-to-play, work, and study decisions.  

Neurovestibular Assessment at Alberta Balance Centre

Neurovestibular Assessment

Learn more about our comprehensive examination of the multiple systems contributing to your overall balance function.

Dizziness and Balance Treatment at Alberta Balance Centre

Dizziness & Balance Treatment

Learn more about some of the treatment and rehabilitation options that have been proven to be most effective for helping with balance and dizziness related disorders.


The assessment and management of concussion is a complex and continually evolving area of science and medicine. Learn how our specialized testing can be of benefit to any post-concussion rehabilitation plan.

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